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Aharaon Reuven and Breine Bernzweig - 1931 "Megillat Chevron" - Letter from Aharon Bernzweig*, Survivor of the Hebron Massacre of August 1929,  Written September 2, 1929 - 27 Av 5689
* my great-grandfather
Likutei Torah - Weekly compilation of Divrei Torah on the Internet Latest Issue of Likutei Torah (my compilation of Divrei Torah on the Weekly Parsha) in several formats - posted each week by Thursday
Saadia at the Western Wall archeological park - Jerusalem

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Saadia's Hike up Nachal Zohar and the Judean Desert -  near the Dead Sea Saadia's Visit to the San Diego Wild Animal Park - March 30, 2006

View of the Negev - Israel

Alaska Scenery Our Alaska Trip Photo Album Misty Fjord from the air Visit to Mendenhall Glacier and Whale Watching Black Bear Near Mendenhall Glacier